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Construction consulting 

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Construction consulting Solutions

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Preconstruction Planning

Preconstruction is the foundation of a successful project.  Get help early to define scope, create & manage schedules, identify issues, analyze constructability, mitigate risk, solve problems, evaluate alternative method, and establish budgets.

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Budgeting & Estimating

Get access to our historical data and working knowledge of the current market to create accurate conceptual, schematic, design development or construction budgets.


Contracts & Compliance

LA can help with generating contracts and developing detailed scopes of work.  We can also coordinate with insurance carriers, contractors, and subcontractors to obtain, maintain and manage all project-related insurance certificates and ensure compliance.

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Phasing, Scheduling & Tracking

A successful project starts with a solid plan, and that plan needs to be communicated and tracked throughout a project.  In today’s market, plans often change…let us help you effectively manage that process!

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Project Management

Whether you’re looking to train your current team, or just looking for additional help, LA can provide the systems and processes to effectively manage a project from preconstruction through completion.

We can help you measure the right activities that move your organization toward success.

Physiotherapists Training

Administrative Support

Managing documents, compliance record keeping, legal reporting, and written communication tracking throughout the lifecycle of a project can all be daunting tasks.  We can help!

Construction Planners

Owner Representation

LA can manage relationships with the contractors, architects, trade builders, municipal authorities and financial institutions involved in a complex project.  We advocate for your goals and interests throughout a project to mitigate risk and ensure success.

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Expert Witness Testimony Services

With extensive knowledge and expertise, LA can analyze and report on industry standards, technical language, and complex issues within the construction industry.  We can also evaluate construction scheduling, cost estimates, and standards of care, as well as provide expert testimony.

"Let's Talk Construction."

Kevin Whitman

Dir. of Construction Consulting Services


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