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Budget Tracking & Forecasting

Study the process of managing construction budgets, tracking costs incurred and the art of projecting future costs. Gain understanding and simplify this process.

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Contract Management

Examine the importance of contracts, their elements, and how to use them to protect your company and others.

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Learn about the bid process, different phases of estimating, and the means & methods employed. Includes hands-on exercises!

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Plan Reading

Gain the knowledge to read, navigate and use plans, elevations, sections, details, symbols, dimensions, scales, and notes commonly found in architectural, civil, mechanical, and structural drawings.

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RFI's & Submittals

Discuss the purpose of RFI’s & Submittals and learn to create and track them in hands-on exercises.

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Review the purpose of a schedule, different types of schedules, the factors involved in creating schedules and hands-on experience.

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